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The Flip Lacer eliminates having to tie shoe again. So easy! For adults or children.

The Flip Lacer is a simple self locking plastic device with no moving parts. The Flip Lacer interlaces with standard lace up shoes. Adjust your laces and tie your final knot. Pulling your laces tight is a simple flip of the Flip Lacer. It only takes a few seconds with one hand. The Flip Lacer allows your shoes to open up wide to slip your feet into. A must have for people who hate tying shoes. The Flip Lacer has a locking position for small children. The Flip Lacer has a relaxed mode for relaxing your laces for comfort. Patented.


 How the Flip Lacer works! Insert foot and flip. Without having to tie your laces!
 Picture of a single Flip Lacer and some shoes with flip Lacers.

 The flipping sequence of the Flip Lacer

 Picture of flipping sequence with Flip Lacers.

 Highlighted side view of the how easy it is to do!

large animated flipping sequence.


 How to place the Flip Lacer™ on your shoe. Detailed instruction and information.
 How to lace the Flip Lacer™.

Picture of shoes with Flip Lacers.

 Front view of Flip lacer on different type shoes.

The Flip Lacer work with standard lace up shoes such as dress, tennis, children and in some cases the higher top athletic shoes. They have an aesthetic look to them and when color coded to match your shoes they blend well. The Flip Lacer are tough and durable and with their superb strength will last. They are simple with no moving parts, washable, and reusable. One pair can fit you from a child through out your adult life. What else can you buy that can do that? That is Value!
 Picture of shoes with Flip Lacers.

This is what one customer had to say about her Flip Lacers

I love my flip lacers!! My shoe laces stay tied all the time. I walk a lot and used to have to stop and tie my shoes. Never have to worry about that again! And they are so easy to operate - two flips and I'm ready to go! What Windows is to DOS, FLip Lacers are to Shoes: sure you can operate without them - but why should you? Everyone should have them!
Leslie Sexton
Dayton, Nevada

What Flip Lacer can do for you. Can save over 30 days of tying shoes over a lifetime. Problems like broken arm or hand injury. Get Flip Lacers. If you are having a hard time tying laces. Get Flip lacers. One pair can take you from childhood through adulthood. Make Flip Lacers standard equipment on your shoes.
Some features that make Flip Lacer a time saver for you. Lock position for children. Relaxed mode for comfort. Reusable for different shoes. Pull laces tight with one hand. Shoe opens wide for easy foot insertion. Easier on your back than tying shoe laces. Tighten your laces evenly top and bottom. No more children untying and losing shoes. Easier for young children to learn how to use. Laces or pulled the same tightness each time. No more untied laces to hang up in bike chains. No more stepping on and tripping on untied laces No more time spent tying or untying double knots. Same pair fits you as a child and when you are a adult.


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