Salmon fishing with friend Rick Dixon aboard my little 22 HarberCraft aluminum boat the StrikeFighter. We launched out of the Golden Gate Coast Guard Station very near the north base of the Golden Gate Bridge. We went around the Point Bonita (an area where tides can really rip and cause a dangerous washing machine effect) to calm seas heading to the middle salmon grounds and half way to Duxbury Reef at 49/37 (approximately 6 miles from The Golden Gate Bridge) we start to see some scattered birds. I pull up and could see some bait working, so we dropped our clear color FBR (with anchovie inserted) in at 30 feet on the wire and within 5 minutes a nice 10-12 pounder went in the box. Being a herd animal I decide to pull up and head out to the radio fish at the fleet where I could practice my boat dodging shills. We fished with the fleet for a while and finish up with a quick back to back 3rd and 4 the fish at 49/46. We were using clear FBR on all fish caught with the new pinless heads (prototypes) and were fishing at 45-55 feet on the wire. We released one small salmon and farmed (got away, durn it) another nice salmon while looking for go home fish. Limited out by 10;55 AM now so we head over to Pont Bonita Cove (a usually calm cove kind of protected from big swells) and drop some bait for Halibut but nothing going on so we clean the salmon took some more pictures and headed back to the launch ramp and with the tide out not easy loading boat on trailer as we were in drop off holes which maide the trailer lean badly because the ramp was above water line and the washed out holes were where the trailer tires were.

A great day with good friend Rick Dixon

Rick Dixon with his first fish today



Rick Dixon with his second fish today

Bill Shelton with his first fish today


Bill Shelton with his second fish today

Cooler of fish

Ready to clean fish more pictures

Ready to clean fish more pictures

Point Bonita Cove where we cleaned fish

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Coast Guard Station

Golden Gate Bridge Coast Guard Station

Golden Gate Bridge Coast Guard Station basic launch ramp

Thanks Bill Shelton
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