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If you experience a line twist problem, then use keel weights or dodgers in front of bead chain and that will prevent any line twist from going up and twisting main line. This also drops your rig slightly under water so the sea gulls can't steal your bait while hooking up your downrigger clip to line. I prefer 1 1/2 oz. bead chain keel weights. ItÕs not necessary to use Flashers and Dodgers with the FBRª ª however you can if chose plus it will prevent and line twist.

If you experience a line twist problem with FBR™ leader while fishing in high rotation speeds such as with trolling again current, you may want to use a shorter leader 36-48 inch 50 pound test stiff line to prevent line twist, and always rule a quality bead chain or swivel..lubricate as needed

The standard and herring size FBR™ has adjustable sleeves so you can match to bait size.

You can ad prism tapes to dress up your FBR to your own style.

FBR softie wings need to be flapped out for best rotation. Prior to using it out of the package where the wings may have taken a set laying back, insert your finger into the softie to see if wings flare out properly. If they are laying back the bend the wing some until they take a flare set when inserting finger for best rotation.

Clip wings off FBER™, if you like a slower rotation.

Lubricate your bead chains from time to time and wash with fresh water. Replace if they get all salted up and corroded looking.

Stick on eyes and prism tape are available at you well stocked tackle stores.

All FBR are rigged with 30 pound test P-Line CXX Xtra strong. Check line for nicks after a big battle, even tho you should be able to catch quite a few salmon before retying because the line is protected by sleeve from nicks.

It's not necessary to use Flashers and Dodgers with the FBR™ However you can if you like.

Use trout power bait and stuff the head and put it on the wings. Such as make a watermelon FBRª using chartreuse and red color power bait. Green on one wing and red on the other.

Take a can of tuna pour liquid in a plastic bag and stuff head up with a tuna. Clip the head on the anchovy some and stuff and pin the anchovy....dip back in the bag of tuna juice for more scent before placing it in the water.

Drill small hole on each wing and tie short piece of yarn on each wing or a strip of reflective.

You can ad prism tapes to dress up your FBRª to your own style.

Hot glue mini-lites to the sides of the FBRª head for better catch rates. Place a spot of hot glue at nose and by wing put on mini lite and finish by adding a little more at each end. Break internal glass when ready to use with pliers.

The FBR™ have new pin and sleeve system......Review these movies. The New improved FBR™ with the built in pin system is only available at this web site. Not available at other locations Check out New Pin System The New improved FBR™ adjustable sleeve Check out New sleeve System

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