Bullet Rotator™

Bullet rotation of anchovy or herring bait at even slow speed. Advance features designed into this bait rig. Quick release sleeve * Built in line protector to help keep fish's teeth from chaffing line * New outbump (legally barbless) hook to prevent fish from throwing hook* Chemically sharpened * Point pulled out for instant strike ability * Hook designed for maximum easy penetration * The wings simulate the bait fish tail and gives a target for the fish to shoot for (which is the hook) * New baiting technique called strip forward baiting makes the anchovy or herring have a tight bullet rotation, keeps bait fish gill plates from flaring, and keeps bait's mouth shut * Upon striking the bait is stripped forward reducing jamming of the hook by bait flesh * The spin wings gives you an incredible bullet rotation and makes the hook spin into the flesh of the fish as the fish strikes similar to a treble hook (by keeping the hook cocked near 90 degrees with jaw line for easy strikes). The incredible live like rotating frantic swimming action that the Bullet Rotator™ does makes dead bait attractive to predator fish species. The ultimate trolling rig for salmon, stripers, halibut and other predator species.

Bullet Rotator™

"An advanced trolling rig"

Rigged Bullet Rotator™ready to troll.

Anchovy, Bullet Rotator™ and Shelton bait threader.

Picture of the releasing the double bump hook.

Thread anchovy from center of tail up and out
bottom center between gill plates.

Come out bottom center between gill plates.

Pull on line to pull sleeve up to tail and then carefully push sleeve into anchovy. This prevent tearing of the anchovy. Makes for a clean long lasting rig.

Pull the top of the sleeve up to this position and start wrap here in a clock wise direction looking at nose.

Wrap one and half turns around gills. Use your fore finger to hold your line, while sticking the bait threader through top of head as per next step.

Start tip of bait threader in and angled towards bottom of tip of nose. Go in just pass wrapped line.

Push bait threader through top of head and out below tip of nose using thumb and fore fingers. Use caution here to keep from tearing head.

Ready to troll as a Bullet Rotator™. You get a bullet rotation every time. This is made possible by the rotator wings at the back of the rig. The wings gives you and incredible rotation at most speeds. It also makes the hook spin into the flesh of the fish as you strike similar to a treble hook. When the salmon closes it's mouth on any other fishing rig it makes the hook flip side ways. The wings counter act this by rotating the point back to the strike position giving you much higher hook ups when striking. The options that can be added are endless. Make bubble hole on each wing to gives off bubbles at certain speeds and these holes are also used to add flash option such as mylar prism tape strips or yarn. (See below)

You can accessorized Bullet Rotator™ with mylar prism strips by taking a 1/8 inch hole punch and punching holes in the wings. Add the mylar or yarn. The mylar prism tape will twirl and create quite an attracting to predator fish.

Picture of Shelton Products logo, a arched salmon with a hooked eagle jaw.

We hope you enjoyed Shelton Products explanation of the new BULLET ROTATOR™.

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